There are a number of reasons the court will issue a warrant. The most commonly issued warrant is a bench warrant. Some of the reasons for a bench warrant are:

  •  The defendant did not complete the assigned community service.
  • The defendant did not pay the imposed fines.
  • The defendant did not show up to their assigned court date.

If you think there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest you should contact The Legal Boys right away. There is a chance that you could be arrested anytime and sent to jail.

 The judge will sign the warrant requesting your arrest. The police will use the warrant to secure the defendant’s arrest. A warrant can be issued during an investigation where law enforcement could have reason to believe that criminal activity has taken place. Most people don’t know that a warrant has been issued in their name until they are arrested. If you think there might be a warrant for your arrest contact The Legal Boys immediately so that we can check for you. Knowing and being prepared to handle the specifics of your arrest ahead of time will give you peace of mind and assure your release in a timely manner providing you can secure payment for your bond.

In many cases an experienced criminal lawyer can get your warrant recalled thus preventing law enforcement from taking you into custody. But nothing can be done if you don’t contact our offices right away!

If you want your FREEDOM back contact The Legal Boys via telephone or e-mail for your FREE CONSULTATION. We will build a criminal defense team to aggressively handle your case and ensure that justice is on your side!

* For purposes of understanding, not intended as legal advice.