When someone is arrested the main objective is to get that person out of jail. The Legal Boys work directly with a bail bondsman who is available 24 hours a day.

Bail is set and based on the severity of the charges of the defendant. A judge will assess whether or not the defendant is a flight risk or a threat to the community. Bail is normally set higher in felony arrests. Every county has a bail schedule that they follow to access and set the bail amounts. A 10% fee of the bail amount will normally be required, as well as securing the bond with collateral.

The criminal defense attorneys of The Legal Boys will do everything in their power to get a defendant’s bail reduced. Our attorneys will also help defendant’s families by walking them through the process to post bail. Outlaw Legal Services is here for you during these trying times.

If you want your FREEDOM back contact The Legal Boys via telephone or e-mail for your FREE CONSULTATION. We will build a criminal defense team to aggressively handle your case and ensure that justice is on your side!

* For purposes of understanding, not intended as legal advice.