Credit card fraud and check fraud is a serious offense in the state of Utah. Police and prosecutors take these types of charges very seriously, in part to send a clear message that these types of fraud or any type of fraud will not be tolerated.

Police and prosecutors have the sophisticated technology to investigate and follow credit card fraud that occurs over the internet or in person. Their technology is so sophisticated that they can follow the illegal transaction back to the computer used in the transaction. Security cameras are everywhere. Our criminal defense attorneys will conduct a thorough, independent investigation into the case against you in an effort to seek evidence to use to help your case.

Bouncing a check can be a criminal offense if you write the check knowing there is insufficient money in the account to cover the check.  Check fraud is a serious crime!

Unfortunately in both check fraud and credit card fraud it may not be enough to pay restitution on the stolen money, there may also be a significant jail sentence as well.  Hiring the right criminal defense attorney could make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. At The Legal Boys our attorneys are ready to fight for your rights!!

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