It’s always sad to see an icon fall. Significant regain would be defined as 10% of original baseline weight, and using this criterion, no one regained a significant amount after the original highly significant weight loss. I'm glad you realize it's best to ignore Jeff's videos after clearing a couple of the more serious accusations. I am not paid anything from the nut or seed industry, (but maybe they should start sending me checks), but I think the research demonstrates with clarity that people with and without heart conditions are taking a significant increased risk if they cut all the nuts and seeds out of their diet. I watched them joke and debate and it seemed like real friendship and the kind, which gets even more precious with decades gone by. Those figures are accurate and not exaggerated, and we have begun a study review process for publishing this data in the scientific literature. I would. [nuts + seeds are OK too!]" Dr. Fuhrman should stop interacting with him and sue. I have had a question about Loma Linda and wish I had been able to ask before this whole thing so it wouldn't look like it was part of it.
In closing, I'd like to end with an RCT that I haven't seen any of the diet gurus post but lends very strong credibility to my argument that even judicious use of certain extracted oils can improve an already stellar Nutritarian WFPB diet. what a full and complete article.
The journal no longer has Dr. Campbell’s name anywhere, so that is further indication Nelson fabricated this mock up to implicate me falsely. Dr. Fuhrman has it backwards, because he doesn't know much about this test. He's drawing attention to his website. Apparently so." non-HDL-C, LDL and APO-B are also all in the optimal ranges. Actual journalists don’t dismiss and twist facts just so they can push their own agenda, call people names  and falsely besmirch other’s character.The accusations and attacks on Dr. Fuhrman are clearly unfair in what appears to be an attempt to destroy another man's career for one's own personal gain. He also falsified the amount I charge for a 3-month stay at my retreat, to try to make me look bad. A deeply and profoundly grateful nutritarian. Personal attacks should not be a part of the evaluation of the evidence. If what Nelson is saying were true, we would expect all of the industry-funded studies to have positive results, and most or all of the non-industry-funded studies to have null results. He sees that some of the early studies were done by Gary Fraser, and assumes they were funded by the nut industry, but that is incorrect. I have known Dr. Fuhrman for almost 35 years. Plus, some studies are drawing from more complete dietary and other background data than others.Then he’ll say that it’s only an “association study” as opposed to a randomized controlled trial. Treating him with disrespect is not called for. Nelson is a flat out liar, period. At twenty-three they did a video letting men lick their bodies. ; PREDIMEDSpanish Ministry of Health, Centre Català de la Nutrició de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans; the research institution which employed some of the authors had previously received funding from the International Nut and Dried Fruit Foundation; one author was a nonpaid member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the California Walnut Commission.39% lower mortality risk for 3 or more servings of nuts/weekNational Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health; one author declared a conflict of interest – had previously received a grant from the California Walnut Commission24% reduction in all-cause mortality risk for 5+ servings/weekShanghai cohort: 17% reduction in risk in highest (>18.45 g/day) vs. lowest (<0.95 g/day) quintile of nut consumption; 38% reduction in risk of death from IHDNetherlands cohort: 23% risk reduction for 10+ g/d vs. 0 g/d.I gave an example of a recent non-industry-funded study that found a decrease in all-cause mortality risk associated with nuts.