However, for this column, we wish to add that there may be some other offenses committed (though not dishonesty) depending on the facts of the case.For example, the additional facts of the case is that the respondent government official (let’s call him “Mr. Mr. X’s contention—that “the same document shall be reviewed by some other higher authorities in the region anyway and so it is now up to such higher authorities to disallow the act he has done”—is totally misplaced and has no legal leg to stand on.Thus, the aforementioned circumstances should demonstrate Mr. X’s willful intent to violate the law or to disregard established rules making him liable for grave misconduct.As previously stated, under the Revised Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service (RRACCS) promulgated in November 8, 2011, by the CSC, administrative offenses are classified into grave, less grave or light, depending on their gravity or depravity and effects on the government service.Thus, under Section 46, Rule 10 of RRACCS, grave misconduct is a grave offense punishable by dismissal from the service. The misconduct is grave if it involves any of the additional elements of corruption, willful intent to violate the law or to disregard established rules which must be proved by substantial evidence. BERLIN—A group of 13 Filipino nurses who recently arrived in Germany to take up employment were welcomed by the Philippine Embassy in the European capital on August 7.

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It was this Sunday, August 9, 2020. The year was 2017 and egg farm owners layer raisers in technical parlance saw farm-gate prices at unprecedented... ACROSS seas, seafarers, their ships and the global cruise ship industry are manning panic stations like never before. There is an International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. (Please see also This column should not be taken as a legal advice applicable to any particular case as each case is unique and should be construed in light of the attending circumstances surrounding such particular case.By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc.

Nearly 140,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have been brought home by the government since it started its mass repatriation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 6, Iloilo City, with Grave Misconduct 'TWAS the best of times for egg farmers; a “damn good” year, one even said, not realizing idioms mirror life: never count your eggs before they’re hatched. This is a feat for the young smartphone giant who trailed second place in the 2019 close of year report of Canalys. you may visit our new website: their age. May be that’s you! THERE was a smattering of boos when players from FC Dallas and Nashville SC collectively took a knee during the national anthem before their Major League Soccer (MLS) game on Wednesday night in Frisco, Texas. LOS ANGELES—Angelina Jolie asked on Monday that the private judge overseeing her divorce from Brad Pitt be disqualified from the case because of insufficient disclosures of his business relationships with one of Pitt’s attorneys.

ROLANDO GANZON, Petitioner, vs. FERNANDO ARLOS, Respondent. Math problems in newspapers. endorsed for President Duterte’s signing into law the measure Vivo finally holds the top spot as the smartphone that is most in-demand in the Philippines based on numbers recorded in the April-June Canalys report. Does your website get very little traffic or not rank for keywords with Google? The supplies consisted of 200 personal protective equipment sets, 4,000... Maybe not the country or the people but certainly the response and reaction to China from everywhere and everyone else. limited suspension of classes or graduation ceremonies as a precautionary IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. It depends on a variety of factors, but there are ways to minimize risk. Damn.

As of Wednesday, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) said 18,102 public servants were afflicted with the virus.