good. F3 or fn+F3 on a laptop. !I'll give you the file. I like Elsa's Ice Castle. now, the easiest way to  do this is:Hi, I'm fairly new at this stuff and I was wondering how do I use this? SOOOO Good (and Sad) memories....anyways,nice build!Absolutely beautiful! good. D:omg this is so amazing! I spent a day or two (pretty much the whole day, BTW,) trying to get the castle layout to make sense. I was unfortunately unable to locate it, it seems this might just be the main city of Arendelle and its surrounding scenery.

lol just checking. Great job! Recreating ARENDELLE CASTLE In Minecraft | Frozen 2 - YouTube i need to know!!!!! :)um where can i find the castle's???? All rights reserved. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. I was unfortunately unable to locate it, it seems this might just be the main city of Arendelle and its surrounding scenery. I am just anxious and excited to see the final product and to get a download! I wanna see the trolls and Elsa's castle.I'm not the map maker lol but I did try to find the castle. Other people have attempted this build, but no one has quite made me feel like I'm in the actual movie, and this is by far the most complete I've seen yet. ARENDELLE CASTLE X: -690 Y: 70 Z: 649 ELSA'S ICE CASTLE: X: -570 Y: 113 Z: 976 if they don't work, do you know how to bring up youre coords in minecraft? What should I do?Ok i found the coordinates, but there is no arrendelle castle or ice palace! I have it downloaded but I'm unsure of how to actually use it =).okay so you downloaded it?

Congrats on the outstanding work! I was able to remove it though, but I wanted to get the map. :D (But keep doing a good job and don't rush yourself either :P )Thanks! You made a remarkable trvail ! I'll give you a well deserved diamond!I'm having trouble finding Oaken's place and the troll area, and it took me 45 minutes to find Elsa's castle. I'm also going to put both castles on another map. try to make closing gates . Could you put in the coords for all the places? (You may have seen the Reddit post about me hosting a server to build Arendelle and the Ice Palace and everything in between.) i really wish to see it by myselfReally cool build, and seems very true to the movieLooks amazing, would be better with a download! There are schematics of Elsa's castle that you could probably add to the map but if its on there I have no clue where.OMG THIS IS SOO GOOD! Keep it up! It would be really helpful.You did amazing jod, and the castle look great. Feel free to download the map, but you have to use the texture pack for full Including: Arendelle, the snowy landscape with paths and places (according to the movie) and The North MountainPlease leave a comment and tell me what you think of it, I hope you like it! So can someone please send me the file to it please :-)I was very impressed with this build - EVRYTHING from the movie was in this map! All creations copyright of the creators.|Material+Icons,//,//,//'s FROZEN - Arendelle [THE WHOLE FROZEN WORLD] Minecraft MapThe ''Kingdom Of Arendelle'' map is officially finished! Can anyone tell me where is the wondering oken trading Post coordinateI do hopes that not just chellbuildinsg and that you amde teh interiro of eatch building.The file is damaged help me and maybe re upload the world I just can't open the file.Ok people here's my own personal update: I found a youtube video teaching how to put .rar maps into Minecraft, so I've successfully downloaded the FULL map. 알 수 없는 상태로 고정된 IIIs this even for the same world? Do you have an email or somewhere I can send it to?I waited months for this wonderful map for me it is the most realistic of all ! This needs way more diamonds!No need, open it to LAN with allow cheats on, and then you should be able to do "/gamemode 1"You need to look into World Painter. !Has anyone seen in this world those horses with innapropriate names?-_-Amazing work.Wow :D How much time did you spent on this?I figured it out, the invisible light source in your castle is melting it.THIS IS SO COOL! Has anyone gotten coordinates for the Ice Castle and the trolls?나는 Minecraft의 뮤직 비디오를 위한 지도로 사용할 것이다. i love frozen its one of the best disney movie's ever :D diamond for you keep making awesome map's your the best :DIs it OK if I use screenshots of this in a story that I might write?Hi i dnt know who to download it to minecraft PLZ HELPokay so you downloaded it? please can you put a download link ? It will help you build better landscapes for your builds.Nice! We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft!