Have you ever heard a particular word thrown out by an interior designer that you didn't understand? Well most of the snow has been cleared from the roads, and the city has been freed! Here are some great easy furniture arranging ideas to give your room a whole new look in an hour!Colors, we've seen before, quickly convey emotions and affect people's moods. used to illustrate volume and spatial relationshipsplanning a space and arranging furnishings that takes special consideration to how the traffic flow will be within that spacea presentation board with the various furnishings, fabrics, lighting, flooring of a roomSpaces that are designed to be used by all regardless of age, size, disabilitysame fabric pattern but done in different color schemesvariations of one color with using either/or black and white. Estimated Reading Time: Less than a minute • Last updated: 06.21.17. Elements and Principles of Design, Color Theory, Techniques and Processes. You are here: Home / Glossary Glossary Looking to renovate an area of your home? ***** CLICK FOR OUR RED WINE TEST ON MARBLE ***** ***** AND OUR NEW KITCHEN COUNTERTOP REVEALED ***** Hope you had a fantastic holiday with your friends and family. 18 Interior Design Terms You Should Know. We're just starting to get back to the groove of things after a long hiatTop design experts share their best decorating tips.Happy Friday, everyone! Well, you're not alone. For that reason, we checked in with interior designers to find out the top industry terms that are worth knowing. Interior Design Vocabulary Word List (286) A) Absolute, Accent, Accentuate, Accessorize, Acquisition, Adjust, Adjustment, Affect, Agreement, Ambiance, Analysis, Antique, Appeal, Appointment, Appreciation, Approach, Arrangement, Array, Art, Artsy, Assignment, Assistant, Associate, Atmosphere, Authority, Aware Jun 23, 2016 - Explore Sara Maher's board "interior design vocabulary", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. You're engaged in a conversation and a term comes up that's left you completely clueless. When it comes to the art of design, there are so many niche words (like niche) that have an entirely different interpretation in the sphere. Some interior design words and acronyms are used to communicate precisely with architects, to display credentials, or to describe fabric and furniture. Whether you are adding new furniture to your living room or paintings to your gallery wall, honing in on a look or style is important to a cohesive environment. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Furniture arranging ideas & tricks can change your room. Elements and Principles of Design, Color Theory, Techniques and Processes.Sense of wholeness or coherence in a composition a.The placing of identical forms on either side of a central axis to stabilize the work visuallyThe arrangement of the design elements on the drawing surfaceAn actual or implied mark, path, mass, or edge, where length is dominant.A feeling of equality in weight, attention, or attraction to the various elements within a composition to accomplish unityIrreducible colors from which all other colors can be madeThe lightness or darkness of a color; contrasts between light and darkNeighboring adjacent colors on the color wheel are known asColors opposite on the color wheel are referred to ascontrolled and focused lighting to accentuate an areaa scaled drawing that shows details of a WALL--can be interior or exteriora drawing where there is a HORIZON line and VANISHING point. If you are decorating your home, building a new home, or are interested in interior decorating or interior designing, you may run into some decorating words that you may not know. We've all been there before. Decorating a home is no easy task and when your interior decorator is throwing around terms like ballast, chair rail and gate-leg table, it can become quite confusing. Your place for interior design education. Learn how to mix styles for a stylish eclectic look that is as unique as you are.Step inside Homepolish designer Mandy Cheng's charming, plant-filled Los Feliz apartmentTrying to add color to your home? Then, you felt embarrassed that you had no clue what they were talking about and had to look it up later? Black and white are not colors, but shades and tintsart elements arranged in such a way to lead the viewers eye through the room