Ben Margot/AP After starting out with his son Lee’s T-Ball team, he has formed the Mo Vaughn baseball academy on the Boca Raton/Delray Beach line. At our academy we bring the parents in, educate them, and take them through the process of what it takes for their kid to be great at their sport, while maintaining it fun and enjoyable for both parent and player.Educate and empower youth in sports and in life. 6PM

The team is coached by Mark Montimurro... this is an opportunity to see how practices are run.g tropical weather system – Vaughn Sports academy is rescheduling tryouts to FRIDAY, JULY 31st 7:30PM Lisa Blumenfeld/ Getty Images His son went from …

“Adversity is something that all of us need to learn how to deal with.

Sometimes, he said, you can do everything right, and it just doesn’t happen the way you planned it.“This game is the essence of life,” he said. And when they’re 12, 13, 14, 15 years old, it’s already going to be imprinted. Mo Vaughn. 757 likes. Your child is already a good player but could be so much more with the right mentoring and direction. Official Facebook Page of 3-time all star and 1995 AL MVP Mo Vaughn The Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy . “I feel my best practical application of that is to figure out how to bring out the best in each kid by speaking his language. The Vaughn Sports Academy will be a place where kids of all ages and expertise can come to practice baseball, join workshops and train with some of the most elite coaches in the country, including Mo Vaughn himself.

Here, your young athlete will embark in a fun and friendly environment while their skills grow.This makes them stressed and afraid when playing and the parent more frustrated because they know their kid can perform better. Hard work really does pay off!.. According to the New York Post, Vaughn has "focused his energy on helping revive economically distressed communities after retiring from pro sports." 7624 NW 6th Avenue

Here at Vaughn Sports Academy, it is about sportsmanship and not just about the game. It’s step by step. It is about molding you into a better version you can be so that, wherever you go in life, you can take the lessons you have learned and apply them. But then they took what they’ve learned and immediately practiced. We don’t just develop players, we develop people.

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Today he is … “Everybody is always like, ‘you know what, these young kids can’t be coached’ or ‘they don’t listen’ or ‘I can’t communicate with them.’ But this is where, (for) the young kids, we can stamp their brain.