For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Posted 12/18/2012 It's silly to expect non-programmers to write Python code for missions. This Universe kicks your ass! Privateer Gemini Gold Project. If you are a fan of Vega Strike game or such space-universe games, then Privateer Gemini Gold suits you.

Really you need 3-4 programmers to modernise the engine and get editing tools made like Freespace 2 has. 30:09. In the Privateer Gemini Gold folder there is a XML file called "weapon_list". It's a remake of Privateer, what else do you wanna know ? Posted 09/01/2010 I mean the graphics changes are great, but that's about where it ends.

But it's something a team of people need to build. You must log in or register to reply here. Put it this way, I got further in two hours in privateer COG then i did playing the whole day in GG edition.

True to the original. Maybe someday someone will create a list and post it here for you. Privateer is built on the mold of many classic space games, from the heydey of pc gaming. Posted 03/23/2013 ... The player takes the role of Grayson Burrows, a "privateer" who travels through the Gemini Sector, one of many sectors in the Wing Commander universe..

After a brief hiatus between 29 August 2015 and 26 September 2019, development is underway again at GitHub. Posted 02/24/2011

Posted 10/22/2017

It does however have a complete online gameplay system including online trading, comms, multiplayer etc. Posted 05/31/2015

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An unofficial remake of Wing Commander: Privateer entitled Wing Commander: Privateer - Gemini Gold was made using the Vega Strike engine. The Privateer campaign did not need to be a part of the game, the point of it being there was just to act like a tutorial, players would then have an option to join the military at Perry Naval base, or go run missions etc in the expanded universe. ), more verbal communications (speech files are sometimes silent). A blast from the past! Privateer Gemini Gold is basically a remake of that game adapting it for today's faster machines and more demanding gaming enthusiasts.

Sadly, for what I want to do, no engine really exists at this point except maybe Unity, but I don't want to invest the time into learning it.

That game was never really finishes, as many features were still missing.Hi there, The first link is inaccurate. Privateer Gemini Gold is a 3D space combat simulation, a remake of the popular Wing Commander Privateer, created and released for free by a group of developers fans of the original game. Privateer Gemini Gold is a remake of the classic space simulation adventure Privateer that was part of the Wing Commander games series. Released in 2005, Gemini Gold achieved over 400,000 downloads until May 2017. The gameplay is very similar to the original title by Origins, but with a completely reworked graphics and a space flight entirely in 3D. I took a crack at fixing it up a while ago but my work stalled.

A fake trailer for a Privateer remake/successor was produced by the Rebel Galaxy team for April fools last year, which actually shows what kind of potential the classic Privateer has even today.

The news section of the Gemini Gold website covers some major differences.I haven't played privateer remake, but I have played Gemini gold, it's much harder then privateer original/dosbox, the AI flys at you then Kamikazes out of clumsiness, talons seem much more agile.

E.g the map code. Things i'd still like to see: Allow us to use more RAM, Higher resolutions, a Beginner Level (where we don't make enemies so fast?

Get this !

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He was a regular on these forums a few years ago and was making Wing Commander: Pioneer. Posted 07/17/2012 Just a few lores graphics that impinge on the atmosphere but future releases will fix those.

Art to asset workflow is abysmal at the moment. There were changes made to the Vegastrike engine by other teams which negatively affected the Wing Commander features of the engine.

Taking something like PCS2 from Freespace 2 and adding support for Vegastrike formats would be a good first step, and a FRED clone for mission writing would open up the engine for editing.

Thanks in advance It's difficult to create a detailed list of changes while both games are rolling out new stuff, the list wouldn't be accurate and must be changed constantly.

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So much wonderful retro gaming in one great download! I'm quite interested in a list of differences as well, and maybe which one's more stable. Posted 02/24/2013

Privateer Gemini Gold.

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