Better think again! Because it’s nonviolent, global and has attracted countless Jews. Provide lifesaving care and help TODAY for those at-risk 30 East 33rd Street, New York, NY 10016

I can sympathize with you over the loss of your check, but please understand, there are hundreds of thousands of excellent police officers who place their live’s on the line day in and day out to provide for the safety of the general public, including yourself. The recent, tragic death of George Floyd continues to evidence the extreme racial disparities faced by the African American community. That’s the sort of thing that presents a real problem for power structures, not mindless, random acts of violence. Yet, COVID-19 has given us the opportunity, and the imperative, to accelerate our support for minority communities.At the policy level, we are advocating for the federal government to provide quality, disaggregated data on all tests, hospitalizations, discharges and deaths from COVID-19 so we fully understand the scope of the impact on minority communities; ensure priority testing, contact tracing, vaccination, and funding to high-risk and minority communities and kidney patients; support long-term investments in public health infrastructure in traditionally under-served communities; and increase funding for kidney research and targeted awareness. Here are a few of the key warnings and suggestions I provided:While we don’t know who the police murderers in Dallas were, or their motivations, we do know one thing. Senseless killing is part of the human condition. I’m not condemning your point of view as being wrong, rather instead, i am asking you to consider what you do have and not dwell on what you don’t have. There are many nations which would not allow your type of dissent, and could carry a death penalty for such speech. That’s what really keeps them up at night. While this work is incredibly important, it alone cannot possibly solve every problem of racial disparity facing the African American community, or in any community of color. Senseless Violence in America Continues. Earl of Trumps. Their actions will unquestionably have several very counterproductive and dangerous outcomes.Either the people who committed the murders had the above goals in mind, or they were just stupid, violent criminals who didn’t have the meager sophistication necessary to understand the extremely negative implications of their actions.Unfortunately for us, the horrible massacres that occurred in Dallas are exactly the sort of thing that the status quo wants to see. There is much needless violence to contend with in America but this incident just really struck a cord. For our part, NKF is fighting for affordable healthcare for all, access to medication, patient choice, access to transplantation and home dialysis.

Together, we must continue to do the work that is tangible, results-focused and lifesaving.”In the United States, 37 million adults are estimated to have The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is the largest, most comprehensive, and longstanding patient-centric organization dedicated to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease in the U.S. For more information about NKF, visit Provide lifesaving care and help TODAY for those at-risk Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

May God bless you.A few low IQ Negroes should not bring white people and the greatest country to a stand still, a suspension of their fine Constitution and loss of rights the world never knew or had.Life as we have known and enjoyed. As a nation and as a nonprofit organization, we cannot condone racism, racial violence, disparities or inequality.The global pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways. You may want to consider how blessed you truly are to have the rights and privileges afforded you in this nation. If those of you that think you want the public disarmed.