Various modifications are to be made as to enable faster transfers between the numerous train, metro, tram and bus services running through the station.All of the existing mainline platforms are to be widened and covered with new roofs.In recent years, Station Zuid has become a major station.

For a number of years, it was named Amsterdam Zuid WTC, in reference to the neighbouring World Trade Center Amsterdam. De H-toren heeft 27 verdiepingen met kantoorfaciliteiten. During December 2014, an agreement for this expansion plan, which has been referred to as the Amsterdam Zuid station is located in the borough of Amsterdam Zuid is currently served by 3 lines of the The number of train services to handle passenger demands has been progressively increased over time.Following studies into various alternative means to providing greater capacity at Amsterdam Zuid, it was determined that the best likely option would involve the rerouting of the adjacent part of the A10 ring road.During March 2017, a contract to perform the design and construction of the Zuidasdok project was awarded to Under the Zuidasdok project, the planned approach for redirecting the southern section of the A10 current traversing the site is to build a series of new tunnels to carry the motorway through instead, thereby opening up the surface space required to develop a high-quality and compact intermodal transport terminal around the existing Amsterdam Zuid station.As envisioned, the expanded station shall feature a light and elegant design intended to blend well with its surroundings. To the right of the station, the HQ of View of the station from between the Zuidas offices.
WTC Amsterdam is a miniature commercial city populated by more than 300 international companies representing some 30 different nationalities. Nowadays, it mainly hosts (international) expositions, conferences and other big events.

In mei 2002 is de reconstructie van het bestaande WTC en een deel van de uitbreiding opgeleverd. Tower H is the highest building, it has 27 levels and measures 104 m. The centre is a member of the international World Trade Centers Association. Het World Trade Center (WTC) is een commercieel centrum op de Zuidas in Amsterdam (Nederland) met meer dan 125.000 m² kantoorruimte. Het is (net als het In 2018 werd begonnen met de bouw van Tower Ten met 22 etages en 32000 m2 nieuw vloeroppervlak; tegelijkertijd wordt ook de gevel aan de Beethovenstraat vernieuwd.Het WTC Amsterdam is aangesloten bij de internationale In the future the railway station, Amsterdam Zuid, in the center of this area will become the second main station of Amsterdam.It is expected to be 5th busiest passenger station in the Netherlands, with connections to Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, and Paris by high-speed rail, the Thalys.It will also connect to the German high-speed network, the ICE, via Utrecht and Arnhem. Ook het projectbureau van de Zuidas is in het WTC gevestigd. In de zomer van 2004 was het hele WTC, waaronder een nieuwbouwgedeelte van 40.000 m², klaar en geopend voor de gebruikers.

In December 2006, the extension of the station, including the new platforms 3 and 4, was opened. It was officially opened in 1985, and renovated between 1998 and 2004. The centre consists of nine buildings—labeled from A to I—with 120,000 m of offices and office facilities.

WTC Amsterdam consists of 9 towers and 2 foyers. Overview of the station. During 1978, Amsterdam Zuid station opened on a strategic During the 2010s, as a means of allowing for further development at the station, a large expansion plan was proposed for Amsterdam Zuid.

The World Trade Center Amsterdam is a commercial centre located at the Zuidas in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Thanks to its unique public-private space combination, the variety of shops, cuisine and services, the center has become a magnet for the public at large. (Redirected from Amsterdam Zuid WTC) Amsterdam Zuid ("Amsterdam South") is a railway station situated in the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Trains are operated by Bus services the busstation located at the Strawinskylaan, 200m north of the station. Het grootste onderdeel van de nieuwbouw is de H-toren. De torens zijn geheel gestript en opnieuw bekleed met glas en andere materialen. WTC Expo is a complex of conference and exhibition halls belonging to the World Trade Center in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.It is the largest convention center of the province of Friesland.Opened in 1963, it initially served as a market hall for the city's cattle market.