If you think there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest you should contact The Legal Boys right away. There is a chance that you could be arrested anytime and sent to jail.

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When someone is arrested the main objective is to get that person out of jail. The Legal Boys work directly with a bail bondsman who is available 24 hours a day.

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If you have been arrested and charged with burglary, robbery, theft, stealing, shoplifting or receiving stolen property, then contact Outlaw Legal Services immediately to begin preparing your defense.

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Credit & Check

Credit card fraud and check fraud is a serious offense in the state of Utah. Police and prosecutors take these types of charges very seriously, in part to send a clear message that these types of fraud or any type of fraud will not be tolerated.

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The criminal process can be very confusing! It is very important that you understand your rights and be informed of how the court system works. At The Legal Boys our criminal defense attorneys will be there for you to help you make informed decisions throughout this process.

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If you have been arrested for domestic violence you need an aggressive defense lawyer. The Legal Boys knows that the criminal justice system most often works in the accuser’s favor. With an experienced criminal defense attorney domestic violence charges can often be reduced or dismissed so that you don’t have to serve any jail time. More Info


Drug charges usually facing our clients are ones involving illegal drugs and prescription drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin. A person can be charged with selling drugs, simple drug possession, trafficking drugs, manufacturing a controlled substance, and growing drugs. More Info


A conviction for a DUI carries serious penalties such as jail time, fines, court costs, community service, probation, home arrest, license suspension or revocation, court-ordered alcohol treatment and/or education. Felony DUIs may lead to Jail time. It is important that you hire a competent defense lawyer who will aggressively represent you. The Legal Boys will provide you with that competent attorney! More Info

Obstructionof Justice

In order to be charged with obstruction of justice, law enforcement must believe or have strong evidence that you influenced or attempted to influence a proceeding or an investigation in some manner. Don’t think that a charge of obstruction of justice is not serious! Contact the criminal defense attorneys that are on your side and willing to work hard to fight your charges! More Info


If a person on probation breaks any rules or fails to complete the probation requirements, probation can be revoked. The court may then impose prison time, a jail sentence or even a warrant. In the event probation is violated contact The Legal Boys to discuss your options to see what can be done. The best defense attorney will get rid of or reduce any potential consequences that come with your probation violation. More Info


In Utah, sexual offenses are taken very seriously and have extremely harsh punishments that can affect one’s entire life. If convicted, a person can face prison time, large fines and be required to register as a sex offender. It is important that if you have been accused of committing a sexual offense that you contact The Legal Boys as soon as possible so that we can get started on your case immediately! Time is of the essence!! More Info


The Legal Boys handles a wide range of violent crime cases. Anyone being charged with a violent crime should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney right away! Time is of the essence! A conviction for committing a violent crime can have serious punishments as well as other consequences. More Info

White Collar

At The Legal Boys we understand that many white collar crimes are done by good citizens just making bad choices and decisions. Our criminal defense attorneys will work hard to resolve your case effectively and quickly achieving the most favorable outcome possible to help you get your life back on track.  We are not here to judge you but rather to help you. More Info